Epiphany Sunday and Covenant with Our New Interim Minister

January 8, 2023 -- Our Epiphany and Star Gift Sunday celebration was made special with the making of a covenant between our church and the Rev. Dr. Meredith Jeffers, to call her as our new Interim Minister. 

Rev. Jeffers offered a warm greeting to the children, introducing herself and sharing with them the idea of a covenant. 

The Chair of the Interim Search Committee explained the process of calling an Interim Minister to the congregation, and then we mutually agreed to share ministry together.

Rev. Jeffers then offered a meaningful Epiphany message about following a star and finding the way.

It has become an Epiphany tradition at our church to receive a star gift word for the year...a word given to us by God.

Following the service, a lovely reception was held in Congregational Hall to continue the celebration of a special day in the lfe of our chuch.

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