Our Vision and Mission

Core Values

United in Christ, we:

Uplift Individuals
Celebrate Shared Humanity
Cultivate a Community of Faith Among All Ages
Pledge our Mutual Love and Support
Walk Together in Service

Vision Statement

Our faith – rooted in the compassion and teachings of Jesus Christ – is the foundation of our love for one another and service to the world around us.

We offer a home for those seeking deeper meaning or purpose in their lives through the exploration of Jesus Christ's teachings. The love and compassion found in those teachings commit us to uplift each individual and celebrate our shared humanity.

Mission Statement

We will foster spiritual growth, loving communication, and mutual care, thereby empowering us to confront issues that impact our community and the world including poverty, isolation, and exclusion.

We commit to developing a nurturing environment where all are loved, valued, and inspired to meaningful participation in the life of the church. Through our Christian faith, compassion and service, we will dedicate ourselves to making a positive impact on the lives of people in our community and beyond.

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